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Visual Studio Toolbox Code Analysis, Profiling and Refactoring Tools for Visual Studio Premature optimization may be the root of all evil, but these tools will make sure your code is clear, clean and secure. They let you evaluate your code for errors, bottlenecks and efficient use of processing and memory resources. Modern code profiling tools can point you directly to the exact lines of code that need refactoring — or to libraries and other dependencies that are weak points in your application architecture. Today, Visual Studio has pretty solid analysis tools built in. Plus, there are excellent tools that help you dig even deeper into your application for performance testing and optimization, project templates that have efficient dependencies and built-in test frameworks, and solid tools to integrate automated analysis and testing into your build-and-release workflows. Performance Tools in Visual Studio A comprehensive suite of built-in code and analysis tools was first grouped together in the Performance and Diagnostics Hub in Visual Studio , which was further refined and advanced in the Performance and Diagnostic page and Diagnostic Tools debugger window in Visual Studio

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Our system of carefully combining multiple methodologies of technical analysis creates higher confidence, less subjective market forecasts for traders. From through , I provided market forecasts for subscribers at ElliottWavePredictions. During that five year period, I continually sought new ways to improve the accuracy and usefulness of the wave principle. In , Hurst Cycle Analysis was added to the toolkit. Over the next three years, the ability to combine Hurst with Elliott evolved and improved.

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I picked the Houston Rockets to sweep the Minnesota Timberwolves. The biggest reason why? In fact, it was so lopsided the Rockets set an NBA record for the gap between opponents three-point attempts in a playoff game. The Rockets went 16 for 52 from three-point range, while the Timberwolves went 5 for Utah won that game by Houston won this game by No other playoff game in NBA history has had one team take more than 26 threes than their opponent.

Even more dispiriting for Minnesota is that James Harden, who was sensational in Game 1, was awful in Game 2. He was picked up by his fellow superstar guard, Chris Paul, who had been awful himself in Game 1 but responded by scoring 27 points in Game 2 to go with eight assists, three steals and just one turnover. Minnesota will now host its first playoff game in 14 years Saturday night with its season on the line.

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Email Over just the past five years, lawmakers have introduced more than gun control proposals in Congress, since Gabrielle Giffords and 18 other people were shot in Tucson, Arizona in January Not one of them has been passed into law, and very few of the proposals even made it to the House or Senate floor. Remembering the 49 victims of the Orlando shooting On Monday evening, the Senate is slated to vote on four more.

Beyond such generalities, I’ll be using the Zu Cable Ibis speaker cable (which mirrors the internal hook-up wire used in my speakers). It’ll make today’s assignment more .

The blocks of actions taken by each Vuser are defined in Vu scripts created using Loadrunner’s VuGen. When this program is invoked, it stores in the Windows folder a comparamui. VuGen stores and retrieves a vugen. When using Java, enable additional debug options: Vu scripts can be coded to use variable values obtained from parameter files external to the script. I have a lot more on VuGen here During a run, execution results are stored to a results folder.

I prefer to set Results Settings to “Automatically create a results directory for each scenario execution. For example, a value of “Res11” will be automatically incremented to “Res12” or sometimes “Res “. Errors are written to the output. Within each results folder, a “Log” folder is automatically created to contain a log file for each group.

Scarred by school shootings

Karen Cuneo Ramirez is one of my favorite person when it comes to practical music theory http: ChuckO You seem to know theory but it seems odd that you are looking at actual chords and their frequency and not the chords relationship to the scale which would seem to me to be more relevant. Although it would be interesting if hit songs in the key of C were prevalent especially if the singers tended to sing in a particular range. ChuckO By range I mean octave.

ChuckO And I meant the root chord to a minor 6 chord not root to minor 4 chord. This is why I transposed all the songs to the key of C.

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It starts with Ramona wishing that her ass were her face though only one of them is raw and chapped and it ends with Sonja Tremont Morgan of the Scaramucci Sunglasses Morgans having a true lesbian moment with Bethenny Frankel, a woman with a processed-meat fortune and a penchant for crying. The second half of their tequila-tasting day features every stereotype of what it means to be hashtag White Girl Wasted.

First, Bethenny shows off her boobs and strips down to go skinny-dipping like the encore to the softcore porn video she once made is an appearance in a new cross promotional direct-to-DVD sensation Skinny Girls Gone Wild. Then there is Sonja, who joins Bethenny in doffing her swimsuit, but only after she drunkenly tries to suck face with LuAnn and just about everyone one else around the pool. Is that like an Eskimo Family Reunion or something? Sonja also has some speech that is slurrier than a toboggan ride in early April.

Just trust me on this one. After the titty-flasher drunk girl and the harmless makeouts with girlfriend drunk girl, there is also the den mother, which in this instance is Mrs. Finally in this great parade of drunken sorority mishaps is Ramona Singer, who shows us beer tears that are totally on another level. This is really peak form for her.

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Psychologist, Relationship Therapist, and Author: If you believe the hype and speak to the wrong people, you’ll be convinced that Tinder is just another hook up app. But, dismissing this app would be a mistake, and I can give you 50 million reasons in countries worldwide to convince you. Tinder is causing a ‘Dating Apocalypse.

The Analysis Plus Big Silver Oval is the kind of wire that touches all the areas that matter to me. Sure, I’ve heard cables that will better the Big Silver Oval by tiny margins here and there, but I’ve never heard a better cable near this price.

Relevant data are limited and, for the most part, anecdotal. Also, sources tend to focus on recent college graduates and do not reveal much information about the indebtedness of parents, graduate students, and those who drop out of school. To inform the public and policymakers, we devote this post to some new findings obtained from the FRBNY Consumer Credit Panel, a unique and nationally representative data set sourced from Equifax credit reports.

We will examine the overall student loan debt market as of third-quarter , giving particular attention to changes from the second to the third quarter and highlighting new findings by age group as well. With college enrollments increasing and the costs of attendance rising, this balance is expected to continue its upward trend. Further, unlike other types of household debt such as credit cards and auto loans, the student loan market is incredibly complex.

Scarred by school shootings

Share on Tumblr Thirteen at Columbine. Twenty-six at Sandy Hook. Seventeen at Marjory Stoneman Douglas.

Hook Ups Plus strives to offer the most complete home entertainment packages with service reminiscent of the past. The latest in television, home theater technology and how they interact through your internet is constantly changing.

Thudbutt between a pirate’s legs, right before he hit a plank at his groin. This is probably why, after Rufio’s death, Peter chooses him to lead the Lost Boys. Peter, when Rufio is killed. Combined with Kick the Dog. Moira, get the kids out of here, will you? I’m on the phone call of my life! Peter and Rufio’s competition of Volleying Insults over dinner already has elements of this throughout, but when Peter starts winning the crowd’s approval, Rufio loses his cool and comes up with this: For all the swordplay, there isn’t much blood, not even when Rufio is killed.

However, there’s visible blood during the Pan-Hook duel. Break Them by Talking: Hook does this with Peter in their final fight when the former pins the latter. You realize this isn’t all real, don’t you? This is all a dream!

The End of Men author explains hook-up sex culture