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All synagogues contain a Bimah , a raised platform where the table of the rabbi is found. In Sephardi synagogues it is also used as the prayer leader’s reading desk. In Sephardic synagogues, the table for reading the Torah reading dais was commonly placed at the opposite side of the room from the Torah Ark, leaving the center of the floor empty for the use of a ceremonial procession carrying the Torah between the Ark and the reading table. Please help improve this section by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. The ark in a synagogue is almost always positioned in such a way such that those who face it are facing towards Jerusalem. Thus, sanctuary seating plans in the Western world generally face east , while those east of Israel face west. Sanctuaries in Israel face towards Jerusalem. Occasionally synagogues face other directions for structural reasons; in such cases, some individuals might turn to face Jerusalem when standing for prayers, but the congregation as a whole does not. The Ark is reminiscent of the Ark of the Covenant , which held the tablets inscribed with the Ten Commandments.

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One of the things I like about shidduch dating the most, is the awkwardness. Unlike most normal people, I kind of like those awkward silences when the only sound that can be heard is the crunching of ice or shaking of feet, those times when you say or your .

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One of the hardest times for frustrated singles is the time between dating one person and the next. Sometimes it can take days, weeks, months Hillel gave some great advice: And if not now, when? The best person to get you through the time between dates is you. Of course good friends and family will be there for you.

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According to a Midrash , the name is a combination of Yhwh Yir’eh “God will see to it”, the name given by Abraham to the place where he began to sacrifice his son and the town ” Shalem “. The mountains of Judah belong to him, to the God of Jerusalem”. In Greek and Latin the city’s name was transliterated Hierosolyma Greek: Other early Hebrew sources, [68] early Christian renderings of the verse [69] and targumim , [70] however, put Salem in Northern Israel near Shechem or Sichem , now Nablus , a city of some importance in early sacred Hebrew writing.

History of Jerusalem Given the city’s central position in both Jewish nationalism Zionism and Palestinian nationalism , the selectivity required to summarize some 5, years of inhabited history is often influenced by ideological bias or background see Historiography and nationalism. Overview of Jerusalem’s historical periods Further information: Timeline of Jerusalem Age Any city, Jerusalem included, can be defined either in current administrative terms, as the area declared by legal means to be part of a municipality; or in historical terms, as the city which resulted from a process of urban development, united into one entity by a common territory, history and by virtue of its natural and social characteristics.

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Why do they have to be so picky? Then we blame their teachers. Why are girls prohibited from talking to boys because of a stigma? Then we blame halacha Jewish law. Measuring tapes to check lengths of skirts, sleeves, and hat-brims. What does any of this have to do with whether the dating couple will honor, respect and care for each other in what will hopefully be a long marriage?

Mar 21,  · Anonymous said I think it’s ok to admit that physical attraction does matter, to an extent. The problem is the gross objectification displayed in the article as well as the one-size-fits-all measure of : Wolfish Musings.

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Today is the second day of Rosh Chodesh Adar. Likewise, a reminder was disseminated to uproot any kilayim from their fields. See more in Masechet Shekalim. The Egyptians were smitten with the Plague of Choshech Darkness. The Jews were expelled from Tyrnau, Hungary.

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A sociological study of frummies and my love of the outdoors The shidduch crisis VS. First it was the kids at risk, then Indian hair in the wigs, then bugs in the water, non-kosher chickens and finally the shidduch crisis. After reading the more cheery Yated paper I have begun to wonder if the Jewish press is simply another tabloid meant to bring fear, strife and instability to up its readership and sell more ads?

And so the strife begins once more within the Jewish community. Let us look at the biggest crisis affecting the Jewish community nowadays. Thousands of singles continue to migrate to the Upper West Side from far off places like Passaic and Monsey, these once out of towner out casts are being welcomed with open arms to the Westmont and the Oheb Tzedek singles scenes. Its kind of like a cheap APR on a credit card yet with humans.

You know get married and get a cheaper interest rate so to speak. Apparently the abundance of 22 year old girls is growing leaving them only 15 years instead of 19 to pop the babies out. The yeshiva bochur shortage in Baltimore reminds some folks of what is like with no men around during the Second World War. Rather then dating Baltimore girls the Ner Israel guys choose to go to New York, kind of like mining the iron ore in Minnesota and shipping it to South America to made into steel.

We are outsourcing our bochrim some Rabbeim say. Then of course there is the crisis of not enough singles weekends and ones that simply put are not conducive to meeting folks. Every week in the shidduch articles in the Press one may see all sorts of young girls complaining about people who automatically assume they are either engaged or looking.

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He knew that there needed to be a concerted effort to connect individuals and families. Registrants include Jews from as far away as Ecuador, Indonesia, Ireland and Belgium, 38 countries and growing. What is also revealing is that nearly half of the guests who have signed up for the site are not traditional Orthodox Jews.

Speed dating has become very popular in places such as New York (NYC – Manhattan), Los Angeles LA California, Baltimore, Washington DC, Chicago, the UK, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Australia, Montreal & Toronto Canada, Miami Florida, Houston, Denver Colorado (CO), Cleveland, Las Vegas Nevada (NV), and Boston Massachusetts.

In it, she bemoans the fact that frum young women are exacerbating the “shidduch crisis” by not taking every possible step up to and including plastic surgery to make themselves more beautiful for their dates and their mothers-in-law to be. In her article, Mrs. Halberstam describes a gathering she attended where single girls looking for husbands could get together to meet with the mothers of young bachelors.

At the meeting, she observed, to her dismay, that most of the girls wore very little, if any makeup. Didn’t these girls realize that they were there to be inspected as potential wives for their sons? How could they attend such a meeting without dolling themselves up? Halberstam put it empahsis mine: Were they in denial about the qualities young men are seeking in future wives? Yes, it is somewhat disillusioning that men dedicated to full-time Torah learning possess what these girls might perceive are superficial values, but brass tacks: Much thought and consideration is given, they say, to her character, her middos, her family and on and on.

Personally, I’m beginning to think that it’s just the opposite. I don’t know how many of you have noticed, but in the “secular world,” there is no “shidduch crisis.

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Despite the negative events which were occurring there were definitely positive things happening as well. He s worked at Kids Path, a hospice unit for kids with serious illnesses or grief. Watch this video Just a few days later, Nathan proposed and I accepted. You wouldn t believe it if I told you, but I m not really angry anymore.

This holds for their jobs, studies, social activities, any area of their lives a general dissatisfaction applies to all of them.

Congregation Ohab Zedek, or OZ, as it is fondly known, is more than just a synagogue. Building on over years of history, Ohab Zedek is a hub of spiritual growth for many people seeking inspiring services, engaging learning, and dynamic programming.

You’re going to be just fine. There’s always a match to be made. If you’re single and you know it , someone else will always be clapping their hands for you. Once the people you bump into in the city stop asking why you’re still single , they’ll start asking you if you’d like to meet every other single person they know. If you’re Jewish Challah , you won’t even have a say in this. Your aunt in Westchester, your rabbi from middle school or a girl you went to Jewish summer camp with at age 7 will call you up out of the blue to let you know that they gave your number to an Adam or a Shumlik, perhaps a Jacob who lives on the Upper West Side.

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Learning a chapter of this book each morning will help all Jews. Halachic Issues in Arranging a Shidduch 1. Though everyone feels qualified to be a shadchan, one must exercise great caution. Children born of marriages arranged by untrained shadchanim, G-d Forbid, decide to work, and not learn full-time. Most matchmakers are in it for the money, therefor poskim agree that you should sign pre-shidduch agreements, limiting the amount they can charge.

Recently the Shidduch Initiative was started to provide the single girls who are part of the O.N. family with viable shidduch options and above all, hope. Our talented shadchanim, all professionals in their field, are available for private meetings, in addition to monthly ‘Meet the Shadchan’ nights at Ohr Naava.

This is true for all brains—even the male variety. When humans connect with another, their brain gets showered with oxytocin, a chemical that does some pretty magical things to make us feel good. We make it when we are near loved ones. It can have a calming effect, soothing and lessening our stress. So of course it hurts to let go of him.

I am not one to chide you or sell the virtues of self-respect while ignoring the pain you are going through. Oxytocin is also believed to help our brains produce dopamine. Dopamine activates the same electric connection in our brain that is activated by—are you ready for this—heroin and cocaine. But I do get it:

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