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The content type used is a vendor-specific media type see RFC , and must be specified as follows: The username portion is the application key. The password portion is either the application secret or master secret. The application secret is restricted to certain low-security APIs, as it is intended to be included in the distributed application. The master secret is needed for sending messages and other high-value requests, and as such must be guarded carefully. Never embed the master secret in an application you distribute. When a body is present, it will usually be in JSON format. When a request results in a return value containing multiple entities, they shall be contained in an array-valued attribute, the name of which may vary by endpoint. Response codes in the range indicate success.

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A substantial, often approximately cuboid , piece of any substance. A block of ice. A block of stone.

Definition of hook in the Dictionary. Meaning of hook. What does hook mean? Proper usage and pronunciation (in phonetic transcription) of the word hook. Information about hook in the dictionary, synonyms and antonyms.

To establish one’s business operations. Originally set meant “to cause someone to sit” and “to cause something to be in a certain position,” so that it is now in most cases a transitive verb: She sets the book on the table. He sets the table. Sit is generally an intransitive verb: He sits at the table. There are some exceptions: The sun sets not sits. A hen sets or sits on her eggs.

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Rockabilly version of a traditional blues recorded by Jerry Lee Lewis in or Problems playing these files? Origins of the blues The first publication of blues sheet music was in Antonio Maggio’s “I Got the Blues” is the first published song to use the word blues.

Captain Pugwash is a fictional pirate in a series of British children’s comic strips and books created by John character’s adventures were adapted into a TV series, using cardboard cut-outs filmed in live-action (the first series was performed and broadcast live), also called Captain Pugwash, first shown on the BBC in , a later colour series, first shown in –75, and a.

Youth is the best time of life. His time had come, but there was no one left to mourn over him. When her time came, her husband accompanied her to the delivery room. The time of the baseball game was two hours and two minutes. The bus takes too much time, so I’ll take a plane. What time is it? It’s time for lunch. Time will tell if what we have done here today was right.

Two goes into six three times; five times faster. Compare unity def 8. Show More adjective of, relating to, or showing the passage of time.

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In fact, an article that appeared in the Journal of the American Medical Association in early advised against the use of ephedra. Diuretic herbs, which increase urine production, can cause short-term weight loss but cannot help patients achieve lasting weight control. The body responds to heightened urine output by increasing thirst to replace lost fluids, and patients who use diuretics for an extended period of time eventually start retaining water again anyway. In moderate doses, psyllium, a mucilaginous herb available in bulk-forming laxatives like Metamucil, absorbs fluid and makes patients feel as if they have eaten enough.

Red peppers and mustard help patients lose weight more quickly by accelerating the metabolic rate. They also make people more thirsty, so they crave water instead of food.

Look up a word. Any dictionary, any definition, any time. Look up a word. Any dictionary, any definition, any time. Master Control Program. Green Gluon CMS installed and running properly.

Encyclopedia Dramatica Facebook Reddit Twitter Urban Dictionary Wikipedia About Urban Dictionary Urban Dictionary [1] is a dictionary site composed of user-submitted definitions for slang terms used either online or in real life that are not defined in an actual dictionary. Once submitted, each definition entry is ranked by the user base and showcased in the order of popularity. Forget about learning Spanish or Chinese.

The language you really need to know to keep up — in the U. To stay hip, visit Urban Dictionary, which has millions of user-submitted words and definitions. They can also be found on Flickr [24] , Tumblr [4] , Twitter [5] , and Facebook [6] , where they have over 1. Traffic By July , four million definition entries had been submitted, according to the New York Times.

The website has a Quantcast [8] rank of 92, a Compete [9] rank of , and an Alexa [10] US rank of The highest recorded traffic for the site was on February 3rd, , the same day Mashable [11] posted an article about a Facebook trend where people were posting the Urban Dictionary definitions of their names as their statuses.

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Ryan produced a total of 86 five-minute-long episodes for the BBC, shot in black-and-white film, but later transferring to colour. Ryan used a real-time technique of animation in which cardboard cutouts of the characters were laid on painted backgrounds and moved with levers. The characters’ voices were provided by Peter Hawkins.

Environmental factors associated with obesity include socioeconomic status, race, region of residence, season, urban living, and being part of a smaller family. The prevalence of obesity is greater when weight is measured during winter rather than summer.

The Ninth Circuit repeatedly stresses that the right relates to “a military force established and controlled by a government entity,” “not some amorphous body of the people as a whole” p. But nowhere does the Ninth Circuit acknowledge that this militia was essentially the adult white male able-bodied citizenry. Not a National Guard, not a small group of people chosen by the state, but pretty much everyone who mattered at the time yes, I know it was limited to white males, but that was the s for you , subject only to an to age restriction which I suspect covered the great majority of people.

Much more consistent with a right of the people — you and me — than if “militia” simply meant a National Guard. You’d think that in a discussion of what “militia” means in the Second Amendment, the Ninth Circuit would quote the Supreme Court’s statement as to what this means: These show plainly enough that the Militia comprised all males physically capable of acting in concert for the common defense.

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A lu yeni, let us go. He, she, in negative, dependant, narrative, subjunctive and potential tenses: H’a buleli, he does not speak. Mabizo a bona, their names; masimu a ka, my gardens. Mandu a, these houses.

1) to have and somebody aided by the objective of dating or having sexual relations using them.2) to meet up with you to definitely hang out.3) to “hook someone up” methods to provide that individual with a few style of product or solution, usually of an illegal nature.

To catch, suspend, or connect with a hook. Slang To steal; snatch. To fasten by a hook. To pierce or gore with a hook. To take strong hold of; captivate: To cause to become addicted. To make a rug by looping yarn through canvas with a type of hook. To hit with a hook in boxing. To hit a golf ball in a hook. Baseball To pitch a ball with a curve. Basketball To shoot a ball in a hook shot. Sports To impede the progress of an opponent in ice hockey by holding or restraining the player with one’s stick, in violation of the rules.

To bend like a hook. To fasten by means of a hook or a hook and eye.

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Highway in Southern Ontario , Canada. The broken demarcation line for the hard shoulder is specific to France, and serves as a safety reference mark for drivers: Freeways, by definition, have no at-grade intersections with other roads, railroads or multi-use trails , and no traffic signal needed, hence “free of signal”, but some Movable bridges , such as the Interstate Bridge on Interstate 5 between Oregon and Washington , do require drivers to stop for ship traffic.

The crossing of freeways by other routes is typically achieved with grade separation either in the form of underpasses or overpasses. In addition to sidewalks pavements attached to roads that cross a freeway, specialized pedestrian footbridges or tunnels may also be provided.

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Definition of the word hook up Definition of the word hook up – Still, affair hookup website students “greatly overestimated the pervasiveness of hookups within the general student culture,” Holman wrote in her report on the study. In theory, if all students adopted Holman’s definition, they would all have a better idea hkok what exactly their peers meant when they reported a definition hookup. But is pinning down the definition actually useful? What if there are advantages to leaving the meaning ambiguous?

It’s a way for them [students] to communicate about it but word having to reveal details. And in today’s social media-obsessed, oversharing culture, that’s not a bad thing. The fact that participants were divided along gender lines when it came to reporting their hook up experiences comes as no surprise. Holman sees this as a response to the increased pressure on men to exaggerate their level of sexual activity, she wrote.

Amanda Hess, writing thf GOODgoes so wkrd as to say that the word of the term could help oc men and women dodge the judgments others might make about their sexual behavior:. Not to mention ‘marshall’. From “stubborn” to “fidgety”. Movin’ On Up in the Game of Life.

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How to Write a Dictionary Definition Whether you’re compiling a glossary, writing a dictionary, or simply trying to sound official to play a dictionary bluffing game or to define your own made-up words , here are a few ideas to make your definitions as helpful and as powerful as they should be. These steps are appropriate for a descriptive definition of how a term is actually used. Note that this is a more demanding process than writing a prescriptive definition, such as one defining how an author will use a term in a document.

Steps 1 Find examples of the word in use. Google and especially Google Books are excellent resources for finding citations. Citations provide evidence that the word is in use and show how it is used.

An unnamed lady in Lagos recently drove people gaga at the beach with her stellar dirty dancing skills that have got people talking. The lady grinding a guy on the beach This lady was the rave of the moment at a beach party held recently in Ilashe area of Lagos. The young lady who [ ].

I hung my coat up on the hook. Their sales hook was the promise of easy payments. Sport the path of a ball, as in baseball, that curves in a direction opposite to the throwing hand or to the side of the ball from which it was struck. Sport in boxing a short circular punch delivered with the elbow bent: Sport to catch fish with a fishhook: Slang Termsto steal or seize secretly: Sportto hit or throw a ball so that a hook results: By hook or by crook he’ll be there.

You’re off the hook: The product is good but we need a sales hook to get people to buy it. Botany, Zoologya recurved and pointed organ or appendage of an animal or plant.

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C c a symbol for the speed of light. One of the fundamental principles of physics is that light always travels at the same speed in a vacuum, exactly meters per second or about miles per hour. Another fundamental principle is that no object can travel faster than light. At speeds that are large fractions of the speed of light, the theory of relativity predicts a variety of strange physical effects.

In calculations involving relativity, speeds are customarily expressed as fractions of the speed of light, such as 0.

Urban decay definition: the decay and deterioration of an urban area due to neglect or age | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples.

We then asked people editing Urban Dictionary to rate fifty submissions 25 that had been accepted, 25 rejected on these descriptors. Each person got to rate only one word, one time. We also recorded the length of the definition as a possible explanation for why a word got published. Using these data, we ran a logistic regression using each descriptor and definition length as predictors and whether the definition was accepted or not as the dependent variable.

This let us know how much each descriptor mattered relative to the others for users deciding to publish or not publish a particular submission. To do this, we looked at the odds-ratio, or the likelihood that a submission will be published given that it is, say, funny. A high positive value means a definition is more likely to be accepted. For every point of funny, a submission is 1. They also want to read definitions that are useful — things that might be spoken in actual conversation — and that mean something.

For every point of nasty, a submission is 0. So when you are writing your next submission, keep the audience in mind — this is how they decide whether to publish your definition.

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