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Codilla, Justin Anjuli K. On Sunday, Manang Narcisa, 74, was reunited with her son Jonathan, 39, who would have remained one of the unidentified victims of the ill-fated MV Princess of the Stars were it not for the DNA matching that gave him back his identity. It was a bittersweet moment for Manang Narcisa as she cried tears of joy and sorrow, along with the kin of nine other passengers of the capsized vessel whose remains were identified by matching their DNA with that of their relatives. The bodies of the 10 passengers were released on Sunday to their families at the Cosmopolitan Funeral Homes on Junquera Street in downtown Cebu. Jonathan, a beautician based in Manila, was coming home to Cebu to celebrate his 39th birthday on June When the Princess of the Stars sank on June 21, Manang Narcisa prayed that he survived and was just stranded somewhere. Manang Narcisa would bring the remains of Jonathan to Toledo City, their hometown, where he would be buried. But for Roweno Adolfo, 27, there could be no relief yet even if the remains of his wife, Mercedita Escuardo Adolfo, 29, had been identified by DNA matching and turned over to him on Sunday. Roweno said he wanted to bring his wife’s body to her hometown in Dumanjug where she would be buried but he did not have the money to do it. He said he had yet to receive the promised financial assistance from Sulpicio Lines Inc.

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Tonnage tons Hulk Originally a large ship used either as a transport or for carrying merchandise, particularly in the Mediterranean where hulks ranged up to about tons. It was contemporary with the carrack and occasionally described as such. In general, any large and unwieldy ship of simple construction with a rounded bow and stern was described as a hulk.

The sails were almost a relic of the Middle ages, while the hull was double ended, flat floored rather boxy type of affair, very good for carrying the maximum amount of cargo on the Yorkshire rivers and canals. A small cabin was located in the extreme stern. Lee boards were fitted and the mast could be lowered so that bridges could be negotiated.

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Sometime in the mid 19th century, a Cahuilla chief named Cabazon told a white visitor the story — already several hundred years old — of a great white bird sailing there from afar. This could be a reference to a Spanish ship. Grasson pointed to the striated rock that rose all around us. The Norse Whalers in Mexico A map showing California as an island, an common misconception even into the early 18th Century.

The legend includes a history of California from Cortez to Army after high school and worked as a cook. After his discharge, he went to Los Angeles in , hoping to become a comedian. He once met Jay Leno, but asked me not to repeat the story of that encounter because he thought it was salacious. I fear, also, that Grasson was too nice and too Midwestern for the likes of the Comedy Store.

Audiences appeared to agree. To make a living, Grasson sold carpet. In , Grasson moved out to Orange County, because it was cheaper to live there. Then, that became too expensive. Like many others who lived in or near Los Angeles, Grasson found real-estate prices pushing him East, into Riverside County and beyond, ever deeper into the desert, until he ended up in Banning, where he has lived for the last 11 years.

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Monday, July 09, Time: I am a plank owner and served aboard the Strauss til late If there are any of my brothers that served with me at that time, please feel free to contact me at my e-mail address. It would be wonderful to hear from any one that remembers me or that served with me at that time. I’d certainly appreciate it. Sincerely, James Galbraith name: Sunday, July 22, Time:

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The customs and practices referred to were the naval equivalent of the unwritten common law of Great Britain; and your persona is legally bound to conform to the law of the land, of which a large part is not recorded in statute form. The study of naval customs and traditions of to , like the study of the larger body of history itself, is not an exact science, and the material stated herein is the product of much research, substantiated by at least some evidence, and the assistance of the noted authority on the subject, LTCMD A.

Refer to the graphical course “Orientation to Frigate Design” for general shipboard terms, such as the term “Orlop” deck.

To help those of you who may share my passion of ships & sails but may not have done much sailing of your own, I have compiled the list below to help you to understand the differences between different types of sailing vessels.

The Motion Picture , ranks are indicated by sleeve stripes; in later movies based on The Original Series, ranks are indicated by pins on a shoulder strap and the left sleeve. In later television series, ranks are indicated by varying numbers of pips or bars on the individuals’ uniform collars. The insignia are worn on the left breast by all personnel. Originally they were metallic gold, with a black border, in color. However, the specific shape differed, based on the ship or base to which the person was assigned, as seen in such TOS episodes as ” Court-Martial ” or ” The Doomsday Machine.

These same symbols were used on most of the different insignia. The original series uniforms consisted of a colored top and dark pants, with significant variations between the designs used in the pilot episodes and the rest of the series. Pilots[ edit ] The first uniforms, as seen in the unaired pilot ” The Cage ” footage was re-used in a later episode, ” The Menagerie ” and again in the second pilot ” Where No Man Has Gone Before “, are somewhat different from the Starfleet uniform seen in the rest of the original series.

The original concept used a heavy, ribbed turtle neck collar of the same color as the tunic for the men, with a cowl neck variation for the women, each in three colors: Officers in the first Star Trek pilot, “The Cage,” wore a single gold sleeve stripe, and only the officer grades of “lieutenant” and “captain” were used in dialog. A “chief” was also visible, but wearing a different sleeve stripe.

Characters addressed as “crewman” wore no sleeve insignia.

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Launch of Friedland on 4 March , sliding stern first A Babylonian narrative dating from the 3rd millennium BC describes the completion of a ship: Openings to the water I stopped; I searched for cracks and the wanting parts I fixed: Three sari of bitumen I poured over the outside; To the gods I caused oxen to be sacrificed. Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans called on their gods to protect seamen.

Favor was evoked from the monarch of the seas— Poseidon in Greek mythology , Neptune in Roman mythology.

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Comfort and Stability Designed and built as a scientific research vessel in Finland, the One Ocean Navigator is very stable, quiet and comfortable. Refitting and refurbishment over the last five years oriented towards her role as an expedition cruise vessel has greatly improved the comfort and calibre of the facilities aboard the ship. There is little if any ambient noise from engines or machinery and with most of the public spaces on a separate deck from the majority of the cabins there is little issue with passenger-generated noise.

Vessel stabilization is gained through a combination of internal stabilizers and a built-in ballast trimming system. The rapid transfer of ballast between special trimming tanks reduces vessel motion and coupled with a modern hull design gives us a stable platform for science and exploration.


The Motion Picture , ranks are indicated by sleeve stripes; in later movies based on The Original Series, ranks are indicated by pins on a shoulder strap and the left sleeve. In later television series, ranks are indicated by varying numbers of pips or bars on the individuals’ uniform collars. The insignia are worn on the left breast by all personnel.

Originally they were metallic gold, with a black border. However, the specific shape differed based on the ship or base to which the person was assigned, as seen in such TOS episodes as ” Court-Martial ” or ” The Doomsday Machine.

Kilometres from Captains Flat. Description of site of interest. Kilometres from Kings Highway Turn-Off. 0. War Memorial – corner of Foxlow St. and the Captains Flat Road. Erected in the s. There are no names listed on the memorial. A service is held each Anzac Day.

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Jobs worked feverishly on finishing the yacht near the end of his life — even though he knew it might not be completed before he died Set sail: It’s unknown when the maiden voyage of the yacht will be or how often Jobs’ family will use the massive ship Many thanks: Jobs died in October

The Prince Albert Provincetown Guest House is a historic Sea Captains home dating back to Provincetown, Massachusetts Whaling Days has been restored with modern hotel amenities to create a luxurious bed and breakfast on the tip of beautiful Cape Cod Harbor offering 8 .

Well over wrecks are recorded and detailed. You can find details of the book on his website: Very little cargo has been recovered to give a clue to her mission but evidence suggests the vessel, some 25 metres long, was a coaster that had sailed from western Gaul. The final resting place of this merchant vessel is perhaps not surprising given that archaeologists have now established that St Peter Port lies on the site of a former Roman town. Its whereabouts was first discovered in the s by Alderney fisherman Bertie Cosheril but it was not until that members of a local dive club decided to investigate the site in detail.

It quickly became apparent that they had identified an important wreck dating back to Elizabethan times, soon after the Spanish Armada. Lost between and , the vessel was armed with at least 11 cannons. This would seem to tie in with a letter from Sir John Norris, who was leading the English army in Brittany between and A few decades earlier, in , a pirate vessel – John of Sandwich – had been wrecked on the coast of Guernsey. Her crew managed to scramble ashore, only to be arrested.

Queen Elizabeth apparently determined that some of the crew had been deceived into thinking they were on commercial, rather than piratical voyages and they were set free. In later years Guernsey was to feature prominently as both the providers and provisioners of privateers, unlike piracy a legal activity licensed by the Crown.

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Thus, a Nautical Shipwright and a captain with a “Seafriend” trait would provide a multiplier of 1. The equation for this example is: Similarly, a negative modifier would result in an equation similar to the one above, but with a multiplier of 0. Note that these traits DO stack. The way it stacks with the warehouse bonus is multiplicative, rather than additive.

Ceremonial ship launching is the process of transferring a vessel to the water. It is a naval tradition in many cultures, dating back thousands of years. It has been observed as a public celebration and a solemn blessing. Ship launching imposes stresses on the ship not met during normal operation, in addition to the size and weight of the vessel, and it represents a considerable engineering.

Grasson had mentioned meeting someone who claimed to have Spanish armor from the ship he asked me not to reveal the names of these people, because they fear being harassed by treasure hunters. But the meeting never took place, and Grasson came to doubt the armor was from the ship. His quote, stripped of context, is frequently found on college-dorm posters, because it seems to say that the pleasurable work of dreaming is more important than than the grinding work of accumulating and mastering fact.

His point was that knowledge can only take you so far. The last leap has to be into something beyond fact. The leap Grasson wants to make is especially parlous.

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