BEAST’s Yang Yoseob Confesses: “I’ve Been Asked Out By Girl Group Members”

This sounds more like another witch hunt against IU, which you’ll see being pointed out in the second half of the comments outside of the best replies. Everyone’s looking like they’re having fun in a friendly atmosphere Where could she be? She was right next to them. Why can’t she fit in when everyone else looks so friendly with one another? Hyorin instead fiddles with her bracelet What could this mean? They have their backs turned to her so she can’t fit in even if she wants to. Was it because of the pain of being bullied that she sang her heart out on the show?


January 30 – March 20, Runtime: Oz Entertainment then transfers over its own idol stars to Kirin High to avoid a law requiring under age entertainers to study for a set time. Competition then brews between troubled students at Kirin High School of Art and then newly transfered idols from Oz Entertainment. Jin Yoo-Jin acted when he was a young child. He attempts to cure his pain caused by his parent’s divorce through music.

The first episode of tvN’s ‘Let’s Eat with My Friend’ aired on August 5 where B2ST’s Yoseob talked about his ideal type! He stated, “I like a girl with long, natural hair,” but then continued.

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Lee Joon Gi, IU dating after breaking up with Jang Kiha? Namoo Actors responds to rumors

Return still going strong on weekly charts — 1 on six charts, 2 on three charts, 3 and 4 on two charts. The other songs from the 5. At 1 on other charts were Noel 1 , Jellyfish 3 , Lee Seokhoon 1. Return still going strong on weekly charts — 1 on nine charts, 2 on three charts. Zia and Jellyfish artists 1 on the other charts.

Yang Yoseob was reported to be in a relationship with musical actress Shin Go Eun, and Around Us Entertainment have responded. One media source reported that an industry insider revealed Yang Yoseob and Shin Go Eun to be in a relationship, but Around Us Entertainment have released an official statement denying this report.

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Well, that’s what the rumors say. Yoseob, her fan, is surprised and a little disapointed. IU and Yoseob are assigned to dance together at a music show.

Baby it’s you, it’s you, it’s you, it’s you I think I’ll fall in love with you Maybe if you, if you, if you want me Keep holding me like this.

They are the best rokkies the last year, they worked hard to be the best. They are really funny and so adorable They are the best B1A4 should be on the top list. I am not a Kpop fan before but when I tend to listen to B1A4 songs, I kept on listening everyday and I really love them. B1A4 composed their own songs and that’s one of their edge.

Thank you for nine great years

The members created their own humorous amateur music video for the song, featuring fellow Korean pop singers including members of Girls’ Generation and Kara. The mini-album went on to sell 40, copies, [10] an unusual feat for a Korean rookie group, with the album’s original print run of 20, copies selling out in its first month. Beast released their second mini-album Shock of the New Era in March with the lead single “Shock. Omarion had earlier invited Beast to perform with him after viewing a YouTube clip of the group delivering a dance performance of his single ” Ice Box “.

Yoseob quickly answered, “I did, but I was scared.” He continued, “No matter how you look at it, it’s difficult dating a celebrity.

Sorry, something has gone wrong. Hyunseung because of his adorable 4D personality, laidback lazy attitude, beautiful voice, amazing dancing and just because he’s Hyunseung. They’re both beautiful in different ways. For me it’s Junhyung. I find that when he raps he’s extremely hot and charismatic. Yoseob has the cutest personality and he’s famous for acting adorable. Maybe Mystery, although it’s not bad. I still like listening to it, it’s very catchy. Either Hyunseung or Doojoon.

Hyunseung has a funny personality and he’s really funny without intending to be.

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Print this page Looking for love in all the wrong places? Last week, Indiana University Media Relations staffers Ken Kingery and Nicole Roales — both first year graduate students — took matters into their own hands and spent one evening at a graduate student speed dating event at the Indiana Memorial Union. The night included free snacks and the opportunity to date more than 30 bachelors or bachelorettes. In honor of Valentine’s Day, Ken and Nicole relate their experiences and offer a bit of commentary about their dozen dates.

Fun — but try enduring nearly 30 dates in less than three hours Nicole Roales waits for the speed dating event to begin.

Gomawo, Jonghyun oppa,” IU said, planting a kiss on Jonghyun’s right cheek. Jonghyun widened his eyes, shocked. Then, his already-blushing cheeks turned as red as .

However, her career as a K-Pop idol was not as smooth sailing as it may appear. Her path to fame and love by her uncle fans was a road with many rough patches. Although the song showcased her talent in singing, her live performances of the song were unfortunately met with great criticism. At the time, although her fandom has started to grow larger, she was met with yet another obstacle. The song featured her vocal talent by including three-octave high notes, which were considered by many as almost impossible to hit in one breath.

Her high notes started a trend among K-Pop songs, which from then on also started to include high notes as a main feature. Performing the three-octave high notes for each live performance of the song took a toll on her voice, and she later stopped singing the high notes live. Many praised her acting as natural, and commercial endorsements began to flood in.

Due to her sudden success as a singer, IU reportedly faced a lot of pressure to become even better. As a result, she lost a lot of weight and even developed a bald spot on the back of her head because of severe stress.

[NB] Fans flock to Lee Junki’s instagram after news of IU’s breakup

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Yoseob and iu dating kiha. is he one hot HUNK. I read weak haha, say as a father and an unruly. My third and last Girlfriend Fiancee is chinese (han from Changsha. So, public! romantically.

March 2, at The huge brain and huge heart and great sense of humor and great smile don’t hurt either. January 27, at I wasn’t bashing you. LOL You sound very secure with yourself. Now that was bashing you. But after three years when she was fifteen, then she become weak, her voice become deep: I tried and have been happy for the last 7 months.

IU+YoSeob (BEAST) – Marshmallow