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Where Are They Now? Well we know all their secrets, and we’re totally here to tell. Advertisement – Continue Reading Below 1. Blair and Serena were no doubt the Upper East Side’s main attraction, but poor little rich boys Nate and Chuck made for fun sideshows and, at times, sidepieces. Nate broke Blair’s heart, and then had his heart broken by Serena, while Chuck bedded every model and wannabe socialite above 60th Street — and maybe even a few downtown. They were rich, then broke, then rich again, but never lost their penchant for hair products Nate or bowties Chuck. Post-GG, the boys have both dabbled in film and television. Chace Crawford’s resume has since included small roles in movies including Eloise and I Do

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Alternative Foreign Theme Song: The Japanese theme song is called “Get Away”. Blair always seems to be upstaged by Serena. Ironically, Blair completely stops caring about this in Season 5, only for the situation to reverse, with Serena looking on jealously and eventually furiously as Blair gets everything Serena wants. Chuck did this with Blair twice.

Also, what’s with all the big age gaps when the main characters date side characters like Diana and Nate, Nate and Sage, Serena and Steven. Uhhhh gossip girl characters .

Edit Not much is known about her early life, although she is a bitch. It is mentioned, however, that CeCe grew up on the Upper East Side of Manhattan and that she lives in Montecito, California, which both contain some of the most expensive real estate in the United States. Throughout her life, CeCe has manipulated people in order to protect the interests of her family, especially when it concerns her youngest daughter, Lily. Her eldest child, Carol, did not agree with CeCe’s lifestyle or her elitist views, eventually fleeing the trappings of her wealthy upbringing, thus infuriating CeCe.

Season 1 Edit Upon her introduction in season one, CeCe is adored by her granddaughter Serena, who sees her as a free spirit and looks up to her. Her opinion towards her changes, however, when CeCe tries to manipulate Serena’s then-boyfriend, Dan Humphrey, and his father into staying away from her during the cotillion due to their low social standing. Season 2 Edit In the second season, CeCe is recovering from cancer and has changed her views on life and attempts to aid Dan in winning Serena back at the White Party.

On the other hand, it is she who reveals to Rufus that Lily had given away their illegitimate child up so many years ago, causing a rift between Rufus and Lily again.

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He is the father of Chuck Bass and the husband of Lily van der Woodsen. He is portrayed by Robert John Burke. The Bass family is well known on the Upper East Side and are extremely wealthy. At the brunch, it’s revealed that he is dating Lily van der Woodsen and wants to make it public despite her hesitation.

They kiss in front of Bart, which prompts him to talk to her, In Victor Victrola , Chuck discovers Bart and Lily are dating, but also that Bart is still seeing other people. After his proposal to by a club is rejected by Bart, he tells her and she begins to ignore Bart.

Gossip Girl has been on top of the fashion game since its first “XOXO” way back in early , and as the series progressed, the characters’ signature styles arguably surpassed the plot.

People who live in beautiful lofts in Brooklyn are poor I mean really? High school social hierarchy is like natural selection, survival of the fittest, it absolutely cannot be manufactured. Rich, snotty, privileged kids can simply stop going to college after about two years Seriously though writers, what happened here?

Blair, Nate, and Serena all went to college right after high school, and then after two seasons they just stopped. There was no mention of classes, homework, or even dropping out. These kids were all on the Ivy League track, they were all legacies, they all had pushy, ridiculous, stage-mom type parents, and yet they all dropped out of college after two years? By the sixth season, when they were supposedly twenty-one or twenty-two at most, Blair had run a magazine, Serena had been a successful publicist and helped adapt a Fitzgerald book to a film for a big Hollywood studio, and Nate, the stoner whose brains could fit in a teaspoon, was running his own newspaper and went on to have a successful political career.

Speaking of which… 6. At most, he would have run it in-name-only. The writers teased some maturity in the characters and their respective relationships; they stopped touting Dan and Serena as soulmates well before the series finale, and they even built a strong relationship between Dan and Blair. But instead, everyone needs to end up with their high school sweetheart, because that always works out so well in real life.

This might have made a little more sense if these relationships were at all stable or healthy. In other words, he fell in love with her before he ever knew her. When he did know her, he disparaged everything about her life, even going so far as to write a scathing fictional version of her in a tell-all book.

Real-Life Relative

Gossip girl Posted on September 28, by In innumerable teen shows that are released today it is almost too easy to spot the common characteristics among them. The protagonists are attractive Caucasian young females and males whose lives revolve around gossips, fashion, and relationships. One of the most provocative and influential of these teen shows is Gossip girl aired on CW network.

Initially published as a series of fiction novels, Gossip girl managed to maintain one of the highest viewing rates since it first aired in

Parent reviews for Gossip Girl Books. Common Sense says. Addictive high-society fluff with iffy messages. I can only dream of having a life full of as much drama as the characters. The fact that the whole series is basically a giant gossip hole is why everyone loves it so much. I’m fully aware that our kids encounter situations in real.

Share Comment Gossip Girl took the formula for standard teen dramas to a whole new level. Add in a cast of wealthy New York teens and the typical outsiders, and you get the perfect formula for one of the most popular shows of the s. Over the course of episodes, viewers became entranced by the indulgent lifestyles, stereotypical teen drama, and high fashion of these New York adolescents. The show was also known for making excellent use of its location, showcasing some of the trendiest restaurants and sites throughout New York.

Almost a reflection of the scandalous behaviors of their characters, the secrets of the Gossip Girl cast have been revealed leaking out from the start of the show through even this year. Westwick wowed in his audition, and he was officially cast for the show in April She was born while her mother was in prison, and spent the first three months of her life in a halfway house.

Meester did not let the stigma of her background affect her as she actively pursued an acting career. However, issues with her mother resurfaced later on. She filed a lawsuit against her with her mother filing a counter-suit for breach of contract and physical abuse. Everyone in the cast dated each other After long hours of playing fake couples and love interests in aTV series, many teen drama stars transfer their onscreen romance to real life.

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Where Are They Now? Updated on July 19, more Brittany is an American pop culture enthusiast living in Australia. She writes about a variety of topics including celebrities and music. Millions of plot twists and turns.

Top Ten Best Gossip Girl Characters The Top Ten 1 Blair Waldorf Blair Cornelia Waldorf is the main character of Gossip Girl, introduced in the original series of novels and also appearing in the television and manga adaptations.

Spoilers I cannot believe some people actually watch this. I can’t believe it. I just don’t understand how someone CAN. I’ve been through a lot of bad movies and shows but never, in my entire life, have I seen anything as distasteful as this. What’s wrong with this show, you ask? No, really – I mean it. There isn’t a single good thing to say about this I’ve watched half of a season but only the first few minutes of the pilot voluntarily , and I can safely say I do not wish to ever see or hear about this ever again.

First of all, it has no plot whatsoever. If you ever had to forcefully watch a telenovela soap opera when you were 8 years old and your parents made you stay at your grandma’s in the weekend, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about. The only difference between Gossip Girl and a telenovela is the age of the characters. And that brings me to the next point – the characters.

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Novel series[ edit ] Chuck Bass is introduced by author Cecily von Ziegesar in her Gossip Girl series of teen novels, the first of which was published in In the novels, Chuck is a relatively minor character, and has a series of flings with male and female characters across the course of the series. He got his name, Chuck Bass, from his signature chuckle in a bass tone, which often sounds like a raspy whisper.

She was the It Girl in the realm of Gossip Girl, and she’s the It Girl in the real world, too. While it doesn’t look like she’ll delve back into the world of television any time soon, it’s clear that we’ll be hearing every detail about Blake’s life forever.

Unfortunately, the cast has to deal with a healthy dose of real life gossip off the set, too. I think we’ve got a lot of really exciting, great story lines and new characters,” Lively said. Although the show is going strong, there is a price to pay when you’re part of a hit TV show. The cast has become paparazzi magnets. That part is upsetting,” Lively admitted. Ironically, the “Gossip Girl” cast is surrounded by gossip on all platforms, from the blogosphere to the tabloids.

Lively dismissed the rumors of onset drama and said that the cast is all friends. To further prove the camaraderie on set, Lively pointed out that even after a hour work day, the cast still spends time together offset going to dinner or shopping. Ed Westwick, who plays Chuck Bass, compared the casts’ relationships as being almost like a marriage with an even greater bond blossoming on set.

Gossip Girl: Where Are They Now?